Manta Man, Keller Laros, is a man who knows manta rays.  As a Professional Scuba Instructor, Keller has logged over 9,000 dives in Hawaiian waters since 1985 - the first year he started diving with the manta rays of Kona, Hawaii.  With unmatched experience, Laros has been guiding divers on the famous Kona Manta Ray NIght Dive several nights per week year after year for close to 20 years! 

    As an avid underwater cameraman, Keller uses his footage for manta research, producing custom underwater DVDs for his divers, and for stock footage available for television or documentaries. 

    Laros is co-founder and President of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and conservation concerning manta rays and the marine environment.

    If you’ve ever met Keller, you know his passion for manta rays!